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Forest Beings Colony

Welcome !

Here in this group you can find the home of the Forest beings! You can find your own Forest Being here, Role Play with your Forest Being or just submit related art.

You may not make your own Forest being, they are a closed species.

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Chat room for role play here!…

Forest Beings Breeding Information

The Others Breeding Information

The Community!

Forest Beings;

>[More will be added to this over time]<

Shaman Being
Shamans are a high rank at this time, their wisdom spreads across different colony's of Forest Beings. They are not particularly strong unlike their counterpart Lexus yet their wisdom allows them to make new incantations. Their rank is determined by the amount of jewelery they have tying up their long manes and also tails. They are most commonly given partnership of females since females are wiser.

Lexus Being
Lexus ripple with muscles, able to crush opponents with their stilt legs. They are the protectors of colony's when things turn bad, however thanks to the Tobin they spend a lot of time sleeping and being painted on by Underling's. Their rank is determined by how many stone rings their manes are tied back into. Rarely given partnership of females, since female Lexus are weaker.

Tobin Being
Acts as an explorer alerting colony's of danger miles before it reaches them. The amazing capability to run at high speed outruns danger after purposefully taking it the wrong way from the colony. They are partnered with an Apophis when first hatched as an companion. Their rank is determined through how many braids their manes have. Often given female partnership since females are faster.

Lumacus Being
The villager of them all, Lumacus serve no real purpose but to help build settlements and light the colony's however they often go to the outskirts of human settlements, teasing the human eye with their bottles of fireflies at night. They also enjoy looking after the Tzvi. They are hardly ever given female Partnership since there is a lack of females in Lumacus.

Dovev Being
Dovev are considered a pest to most Forest Beings despite Dovev being one themselves. The Dovev are incredible fast and can easily disappear among the shadows. They are thieves, and will steal from their own colony to benefit themselves. They also often trade information, ratting others out. The Lexus in particular hate them, despising the Dovevs fragile body, after a few decades the Lexus have been given permission to destroy three quarters of every Dovev egg produced to keep the population down. The only apparent use they serve is that they can spy on enemy colony's and though rare, consumer encampments.

Dumaka Being
The result of a forbidden partnership between two Forest beings from different classes. They are frowned upon and often driven out by other forest beings, making it hard for them to gain ranks. Depending on their parents the Dumaka can take on various abilities and appearances, they are however significantly weaker than pure breed Forest beings. They are only hatched from twin eggs however the other twin is not always a Dumaka as well. A Dumaka is very rare to hatch and often doesn't survive childhood when hatched.


Underlings blindly serve the Forest Beings often looking after their young and painting the Forest being superiors. It is not known why they are so devoted but it has been this way for eons. Often with pale complexion's and curly fur.

Apophis are companions to the Tobin, acting as their familiar in a way. They help to scout ahead and often runs back to the colony, while the Tobin wards of the danger, alerting them to be alert. They are covered in precious beads by Lumacus and Tobin as a sign of affection.

Plague Lumacus
A Lumacus that has survived the death of it's bottle breaking. It is not known how Lumacus survive, though some suggest that if a Lumacus purposefully breaks it's bottle it will become a Plague Lumacus. They wander through forests until other normal forest beings kill it, since it is destroying the forest with every step it takes.

Much loved companions of the Forest beings, they are often seen laid gracefully on the grassy banks of a Forest beings encampment. They are silent, never bleating a noise. Often covered in jewelry and painted markings by the Forest beings. It is not known what purpose they serve or why the Forest beings love them so but the Underlings often compete against Tzvi for the Forest beings affection.

Forest beings ultimate fear and enemy. They have bred themselves purposefully to look similar to Forest beings in order to trick them. They often look friendly to entice young Forest beings somewhere secluded so they may consume them with their hidden mouth in their fluffy mane. They tend to target the young,Lumacus and Tobin to eat since they are the smallest, also the more they eat the bigger they eat. Their body is also like a slinky, they are able to make themselves very flat in order to hide behind tree trunks and also use this skill to quickly and stealthy sneak up on prey.

Forest Bairn
"Children" of the forest, they consist peacefully with the Forest Beings and serve important roles. They are able to grow strange colourful fruits which feed the outer community of Forest Beings e.g. Apophis, Tzvi, Underling. Their fruit they grow which glows faintly is also used by the Underlings to paint Elder Forest beings. They stand upright like humans, and have manes that are long and reach down to their knees. They are typically very gentle.


The Forest Beings gods crew.









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I miss this group, I wonder why no one's around anymore! </3
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